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How to Prevent Tarnish on Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver and other metals.

  • Have you just spent hours and hours polishing your beautiful copper, brass or silver and cannot stand the thought of it tarnishing again in just days or weeks?
  • Are you tired of polishing just to have your copper and brass quickly tarnish again?
  • Do you want to prevent patina and oxidation on your copper roof, copper gutters, brass bed, weather vane or sculptures?
  • EVERBRITE Protective Coating and ProtectaClear are clear, protective coatings with Anti-Oxidants that will prevent tarnish and corrosion on brass, copper, silver, bronze and other metals.
  • Very Natural look, not thick or "plasticky" looking. Lets the beauty of the metal show. 
  • Will not yellow like lacquers.
  • Can be maintained indefinitely by re-coating periodically.  
  • Use EVERBRITE for architectural metals and interior or exterior metals.  Use on buildings, sculptures, copper roofs and gutters.
  • Use ProtectaClear for metal that gets a lot of use and needs a more scratch resistant coating like jewelry, sinks, railings, counters, elevator doors.

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Stop polishing and Enjoy the Beauty.

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Looking for Homemade Copper or Brass cleaners?

We applied Everbrite to our 1910 home when we put on copper gutters....it looks great and we are always getting compliments...Thanks
Clean or polish tarnished metal to the desired look. The metal to be coated must be clean and dry.  Insure all polish residue and contaminants are removed.   Apply Everbrite or ProtectaClear depending on your project, let it dry and enjoy the beauty.  

Copper panels protected from tarnish and corrosion with Everbrite. Click on picture for larger image.
We are very pleased with the way our copper panels have turned out with the Everbrite finish. Thanks again for all your help.
Angie and Paul Switzer
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Everbrite and ProtectaClear are available in aerosol spray cans and liquid coating that can be painted or wiped on.  Small items can be dipped in the coating and hung to dry. 

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